3, 4, 5, 6 April 2020


Most esteemed participants and dear guests,

It is my greatest honor to bid all of you welcome to MALMUN'20. 

We are delighted to present to you the fourth edition of Maltepe High School of Science Model United Nations (MALMUN). The conference will be held through 3-6 April 2020 at Doğuş University.

Maltepe High School of Science is a school which raises students that strive to solve the many problems of the world as it stands. Our Model United Nations Club is filled with people like you, both first-timers and veterans who have incredible potential and we are overjoyed to provide them an outlet to implement their ideas.

Since the first iteration of Maltepe High School of Science Model United Nations (MALMUN); our aspiration was always to allow people to be cognizant about the complications that have arisen all around the world, and to give them the ability to communicate proposals about these problems clearly. Our teams have put in much effort to ensure that the best experience possible is to be had during the conference. I sincerely hope that all participants find the agenda items and crises and all other aspects of debate thoroughly informative and fruitful.

It is our honor to bring you seven committees to spark debate on: three General Assembly Committees, two Joint Crisis Committees and two Turkish Committees. The first General Assembly Committee is GA-1: Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC). The main topic that is to be discussed there is the matter of the ever-increasing tension growing in the world. Warfare is always a possibility and disarmament must be the goal. I am curious to see how the delegates will be able to reach the aforementioned goal. The second committee is GA-3: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues (SOCHUM), in which the path to proper education will be deliberated on. There are many ways to approach this matter, and the academic team has agreed that this is a matter that needs to be discussed. The final General Assembly Committee is GA-6: Legal. The debate on the legality of abortions and their ethicality will be thoroughly discussed in this committee. The two Joint Crisis Committees are made up of two cabinets each, with our hardworking crisis team supporting them and supplying them with updates through every step. The first Joint Crisis Committee is the Lincoln County War. Historically, this was a crimson grounded war between two rival gangs in the Wild West. I am looking forward to see how the delegates work their way through this conflict and change the past as however they would. The second Joint Crisis Committee takes delegates to a galaxy far, far away... It's the Clone Wars! Star Wars fans will likely be delighted to see these legendary wars finally handled in the frame of a Joint Crisis Committee. The generals of the Confederacy of Independent systems will be pit against the commanders of the Clone Army of the Galactic Republic. For the two Turkish Committees, we have selected UN Women and the Security Council of the UN. In UN Women, the debate will mainly be around the treatment of women in immigrant camps, as well as men and people of other genders; while in the Security Council, the case of East Turkestan and also the Indian-Pakistani aggression will be resolved.

We also intend to bring in delegations from other countries, fulfilling our peripheral goal of becoming one of the bastions for Model United Nations in Turkey and broaden our horizon with international friendships. It is a grand pleasure to debate matters that affect the world with more citizens of the world itself.

To sum up this letter and to speak for all of the people whose work in MALMUN'20 has been and will be recognized; we would like to express our satisfaction and glee with how our conference has shaped up and became what it is and our unimaginable gratitude to those who participate in the many phases of realizing it and it's ideals. We humbly greet any and all attendees to MALMUN'20. I eagerly await the days of the conference and am near impatient to meet all the participants and guests. I hope to see you there! :)

With my warm regards,

Ender Çağrı Sırtaş

Secretary General of MALMUN20